Isagenix Business in Hollywood, Florida.

We are officially starting an Isagenix Business in Hollywood, Florida.  We are excited to launch our Isagenix business and to share Isagenix Products with you.


Isagenix Business in Hollywood, Florida

In 2011, I did my first cleanse and started taking the products.  I lost over 20 pounds in about two months.  BUT the place we were at in our life, my wife just beginning her blogging career, children in college and a desire for change, we let the business and our health slip.  We moved to a farm for a few years and then decided it was time for a new change.

Isagenix Business in Hollywood, Florida

 Our drive to move to a warmer state and to live a life being active was set in stone.  We moved to Marco Island, FL about a year and a half ago and now are headed to Hollywood, Florida to be even more active than we are here.  BUT with that, we wanted to get back into buying products from ourselves versus a store.  We cleanse and take a lot of supplements, so why not get serious and start this business back up.  Our Isagenix opportunity is a chance to share how being healthy and having financial goals give us more energy than we have ever felt.

Starting our Isagenix business in Hollywood, Florida first is all about using the products and losing the weight that has been hard to drop because we are in our fifties.  Next is looking for a change in our financial future.  Some folks reach for the stars financially and we are excited to reach for our own star.

Come back to us for updated information on our journey.  Please visit our Isagenix site if you want more information on cleansing, losing weight with the Isagenix 30 day challenge, or the Isagenix 9 day cleanse you can even win money with the Isa Body Challenge.  Looking at starting your own Isagenix Business.

Post Workout Recovery Essentials

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Post workout essentials
My wife and I workout a lot. One thing that is critical to building stronger,  leaner muscle mass is the adequate amount of protein. Before and after a workout.  One fact is that we need 30g of protein to recover after a workout.  This is ideally perfect for both of us.  I make my protein drinks with two tablespoons of greek yogurt for additional protein and probiotics….

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How to get back on track after you fall off

How to get back on track after you fall off, it happens when you least expect it! I was doing such a great job and excited to start the transformation challenge.

I was clearly excited to do leg day today, and had great visions of what my week would entail. I had my workout routine down to a T. Monday, Leg day, Tuesday, back and Biceps, Wed, Chest, Shoulders, triceps
Thursday, Legs, Friday, Back and biceps, Sat, Chest Shoulders Triceps, Sunday is my day off rest
IMG_2854 I started the week off with a little bit of an ear infection, but I made it to the gym.  I did about 50 minutes of aerobics before hitting my legs.  I like getting in a long warm up before stretching. 
IMG_2856 I love doing legs all alone because I work them until I am exhausted.  I am afraid when I get back to the gym Monday I will have lost a lot of power.  BUT I will not giveup this journey.
bahamas Dave and I went on a cruise in the beginning of January, working out made me confident to be in a bikini walking the beach.  The other benefits of working out, feeling confident about yourself.  That is so important, being almost 50 I want to be active in my older years.  The little set back I have had has let me think about being in active versus active.  My daughter visited for a week after I had my ear infection so I decided to take that next week off to spend time with my daughter versus three hours at the gym, then work my full time job, which luckily I work from home.
FullSizeRender (21) I got to spend time with my grandson Dallas, here we are at the Naples pier, it was pretty cold but Dallas had a blast splashing in the waves.  So I sit here this Saturday morning planning my return to the workout world and getting back on track.  Getting my mind recharged after my daughters visit has lit a fire in my belly.  SO, if you have fallen off the wagon, get back on!  I look forward to updating you with my process!

Bigelow Tea and Staying Healthy this Cold Season

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 Bigelow Tea and Staying Healthy this Cold Season living on Marco Island, even in a warm destination we need to be on top of germs and getting a cold.

Drink Bigelow Tea


We moved from Minnesota last year and let me tell you, my wife and I would fight tooth and nail to concur Cold and Flu season!  With the frigid temperatures in Minnesota a flu or cough and cold happened no matter how hard we fed ourselves healthy foods and exercised our bodies.  The temperature would get well below 20 below zero at certain times.  With this crazy temperature the last thing you want to do is get outdoors.

Lemon Ginger We have a few hints and tips for you to fight the cold and flu season!  If you are unsure every year as to what else you can do to ward off being sick in bed besides a trip to the doctor for a shot, we have a few tips that work for us.

Bigelow Tea Here are our tips!

  1. Drink Bigelow Green Tea – We picked up Bigelow Green Tea with Lemon and Lemon Ginger with Probiotics at our local Walmart store.   Drinking a few glasses a day will benefit your immune system dramatically. Start getting green tea into your bloodstream at the first sign of a cold this should stop the advance stages from happening.  We like to steep the Green tea first then add it into our water bottle so we can drink it all day!
  2. Plenty of Exercise – You want to stay healthy this cold and flu season, right?  Get off the couch and get into the fresh air and exercise.  If the weather is to cold, cover up and go for a walk.  Your body will thank you for staying active so it can help fight off a cold.

I head out to the beach every morning or afternoon to get in some sort of aerobic activity!  Being almost 55 I am working harder than ever to fight coughs, colds and the dreaded flu.

     3.  Feed your body vitamin C fruits – I cannot say enough about eating fruits like lemons, tangerines and grapefruits. Lemon aids in liver detox and alkalizes the body.  Lemon juice is also a mild diuretic, so adding it to your water is going to help flush out those bad toxins that are lurking when you have a cold.

      4. Add Ginger into Your Diet –  It can be used to ease indigestion and reduce gas, bloating along with flatulence. The spicy component of ginger can also rev up your internal fire along with upping your metabolism.  You will need this if your immune system is sluggish.

     5. Plenty of Rest – We cannot say this enough to our friends and family, rest and relaxation does wonders for your body! I steeped my lemon Ginger tea and added in water and a bit of lime for a refreshing drink to help flush fluids into my system when I am starting to feel tired or a scratchy throat.  Just relaxing getting free Vitamin D for me makes me feel so unstressed.

Walmart Tea
Finding the tea at Walmart is a breeze, just head over to the coffee and jelly aisle, you will find about four rows of Bigelow Green Teas!   Want to get social with Bigelow Tea?  Follow all their Social Channels! 

How do you stay healthy during cold and flu season?

Peanut Butter Energy Balls for Gift Giving

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Gift giving is easy with TakeAlongs.
Energy Balls Do you have favorite holiday recipes that you love to make every year?  You know, I am a dude, BUT I love creating dishes for the holidays just as much as my wife!  We are not much of bakers so these No Bake energy balls I found over at are perfect for gift giving along with Tuna deviled eggs!…

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