Probiotic Horseradish Pickle Recipe

Probiotic Horseradish Pickles Recipe

Probiotic Horseradish Pickles Recipe

Probiotic Horseradish Pickles plus crushed red peppers make these pickles my favorite time of the day.  You have heard me write about how Probiotics relieve bloating with my Probiotic Half Sour Pickle Recipe before. I am in heaven when I have a few pickles in front of me.  Why Probiotic?  I need a little help in the bloating area and umm, just being regular and like to do this as naturally as possible! So I make my own Probiotic foods.  Thinking outside of the box I want lots of different flavors for my pickles, sauerkraut and Kimchi recipes.  

Fresh Horseradish Root

Fresh Horseradish Root

Fresh Horseradish we picked up at the Farmers Market, I use to grow my own.  If you are unfamiliar with growing Horseradish it is a beautiful Perennial that comes up early spring.  In a few years you can pull up your very own roots.  Anyways..Adding Horseradish to your pickles brings an added flavor.  Horseradish has many benefits, it aids in digestion, has a high amount of vitamin C, and it helps remove harmful free radicals from the body and protect it from cancers, inflammation, infections. I think of these pickles as my little detox snack.

Probiotic Pickles Recipe

Probiotic Pickles Recipe

Probiotic Pickles become Probiotic by keeping the cucumbers under the water thus creating that good bacteria for your gut, helping relive bloating.  As seen in the picture above keep the pickles under the water by adding a small cup or saucer to weigh them down.  I added a plastic baggie then filled the cup with water and forced the cucumbers below the service.  Check them every few days and remove any scum that may appear.  After three days you can put in the fridge and enjoy.

Probiotic Horseradish Pickles

Probiotic Horseradish Pickles


Probiotic Horseradish Pickle Recipe
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  • Pickling Cucumbers
  • Fresh Horseradish (To Taste)
  • Red Pepper Flakes (To Taste)
  • Himalayan Sea Salt 1 1/2 Tablespoons


  1. Sterilize a quart jar and lid or whatever container works for you, I got my jar from Ikea.
  2. Combine salt and water and let sit until salt dissolves
  3. Cut the tips off on both ends. Either keep your pickles whole or cut in half or fours
  4. Add Horseradish and Pepper Flakes
  5. Pack your pickles leaving a little head space
  6. You're going to now put a small jar or cup into the container so your pickles are under the water.
  7. Place the container onto a small plate for leakage that can occur
  8. Put in a dark area of the house
  9. Let sit at least three days for a half sour pickle, longer for sour
  10. Check the pickles daily for scum on top, just use a spoon to remove and check that the pickles stay below the water. Add more water if you need to.


  1. Ronda Ogilvie says

    I love pickles, my mouth was watering the whole time I read your post! I will be trying these!!

  2. says

    Pickles are one of my favorite foods. I actually have a ton of cucumbers that I’ve picked this week – I’m considering turning them to pickles!

  3. says

    Every year we can about 100 jars of pickles. It takes husband and kiddo all year to eat them. Saves me money in the long run because they love their pickles. My cousin grows horseradish and makes his own sauces and such out of them. I might have to go over and get some to make this recipe.

  4. Jessica P says

    I have been obsessed with pickles my whole life – I’ve tried almost every brand, but I’ve never made them myself. My mom tried once and they were terrible, lol. This recipe looks great!

  5. The Harried Mom says

    Def pinning this one. My hubs likes to pickle his own peppers – I”m sure he could use this recipe with that as well.

  6. parentinginnky2013 says

    Don’t think these PROBIOTIC HORSERADISH PICKLEs would be for me. I still give you a 10 for creativity though 🙂

  7. says

    We do this a lot here in Trinidad. I used to always have a jar in the fridge but lately, not so much. I think I may very well have to pick up some cucumbers tomorrow and make my own ‘chow.’

  8. thechattymomma says

    I love pickles, but I’m scared of horseradish. I have no idea why. I’ll have to try it at least once in life.

  9. Brett says

    I’m not big on horseradish, but my friend is. I’ll have to recommend this to her. Thanks for sharing.

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