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I am a student at Food Blogger Pro.  A Blogger community to learn fundamental tips and tools on starting your food blog.  Now you think why would I do that since I have been blogging for some time.  My goal this year was to really amp up this new blog.  I can get a bit techy on myself with research so I checked out Food Blogger Pro to see what they had to offer.  I already know the bloggers behind Food Blogger Pro and they are extremely successful food bloggers.  Extremely!!  I wanted to learn more photography skills to get my pictures picked up by Foodgawker and Tastespotting.

I am huge on learning from folks that are making it happen. I surround myself with successful people and learn.  Bjork and Lindsay Ostrom of Pinch of Yum  are the Extremely successful bloggers I am talking about above.  I came across their blog one day while looking for a recipe on Pinterest. I fell in love with the recipe posts of course but I lingered for a long time on Bjork’s monthly income reports.  Bjork goes through how much money they made but breaks it down by where the traffic is coming from.  What he could of did different and educates us on what is working and what isn’t.  

With Food Blogger Pro, Bjork and Lindsay will help you at the very beginning stages of setting up your WordPress blog from choosing the domain name to the actual install process of WordPress, which can be very daunting.  If you have been on blogger and have been thinking about starting a new blog on WordPress Food Blogger Pro is a perfect way to start. I just started this blog in November and wanted to get up and monetizing right away.  But things I believe in and use.   

There are a ton of videos with detailed tutorials on WordPress itself.  Building traffic was what I was interested in.  I spent hours over the weekend watching videos on photography and editing for food sharing sites.  I have ALWAYS been declined.  Well yesterday I found out I got my first picture approved on Tastespotting and am already getting a lot of traffic!  This is the picture below.

1st Tastespotting Picture


I cannot explain how happy I was!  I had my photoshop up and Food Blogger Pro Videos and went step by step until I felt my picture was Tastespotting ready.  Another area in the Video section is Plug Ins.  I got a lot of detail on a SEO plug  that has helped me TREMENDOUSLY.  Lindsay does a great job with the videos!  If your looking at getting started or feel you need to take it to the next level I encourage you to check out Food Blogger Pro.  I am an affiliate.  What does that mean?  I get a little kick back if you purchase Food Blogger Pro through my link.  To me that means we are partners in a way.  Food Blogger Pro has a great community as well with a ton of resources.

Tonight I am heading into the Create an Ebook section.  Pinch of Yum encourages us to look at the big picture and generate income from our own product.  My next ggoal is FoodGawker, so far 10 declines :-)


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